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The Top 10 Benefits of Getting Your Child Reading Early

Written by Andy

1. Reading develops your child’s imagination.

As your child reads, his or her brain translates the descriptions they read of people, places and things into pictures. While your child is engaged in a story, your child’s mind work on imagining how a character is feeling. Your child then brings this knowledge and understanding into their everyday play.

2. The more you get your child to read they then widely get better at it.

Practice makes perfect in almost everything humans do, and reading in no different. But in reading, you are helping your child’s brain grow in the directions you’d like it too.

3. Reading exercises your child’s brain.

Reading is a much more complex task for your child’s brain rather than watching TV, for example. Reading strengthens your child’s connections and builds all sorts of NEW connections.

4. Reading improves your child’s ability to concentrate.

When they are engaged in reading something they find interesting, children sit still quietly so that they can focus on the story. If the read often, they will develop the skill to do this for longer.

5. Reading teaches your child about the world around them.

The more variety you offer your child to read, the earlier on they may discover what fascinates them. They will also improve their breadth of understanding about people, places, and events outside of their own experience and may too improve their social skills along the way.

6. Reading improves your child’s vocabulary and language skills.

Your child learns new words as they read. Non-consciously, they absorb information on how to structure sentences and how to use words and other language features effectively in their writing and speaking.

7. Reading helps your child develop empathy.

As children develop they begin to imagine how they would feel in that situation.

8. Reading is a fun for your child.

A book or an e-reader doesn’t take up much space and is light to carry, so you take it anywhere so you can never be bored if you have a book in your bag. If your child doesn’t seen interested, then find a subject that interests them and go deeper there. What happens then is they read because they are interested, then later the habit of reading will have much more chance of forming.

9. Reading is a great way to spend time together.

Reading together on the sofa, bedtimes stories and visiting the library are just some of the best ways of spending time together.

10. Children who read achieve better in school.

Reading promotes achievement in all subjects, not just English. Children who are good readers quiet often tend to achieve better across the school curriculum.

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